Nandu is a true artist who embodies independence, originality, and an incredible musicaltalent. He has been able to break free from his Copenhagen roots through hard work andpersistence over the years, and today, he is an established producer and DJwho ismaking a name for himself across the world.

Throughout his career, Nandu has been affiliated with several record labels, but it is hisassociation with industry heavyweights like Innervisions and Afterlife that has propelledhim to success. His EPsand features in the VA compilation series Secret Weapons andUnity have brought his name to the forefront, making him a recognizable and beloved artistwithin the melodic dance music scene.

In keeping with his independent spirit, Nandu has established his own record label, 'Out OfOptions,' which allows him to focus on his output and showcase his own artist profile in itsentirety. Launched in 2021, the label is a testament to Nandu's creativity and vision,featuring a diverse range of tracks that seamlessly blend dancefloor anthems with morelaid-back tunes and even some vocal-heavy tracks that showcase Nandu's singing talents.

As a DJ, Nandu has honed his craft over the years, starting out as a resident at CultureBox in Copenhagen back in 2015. Since then, he has taken his sound across the globe,performing in cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Goa, London, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, andbeyond. With each new place he visits, Nandu draws inspiration for his music, infusing hisproductions with a unique and varied blend of sounds that captivates audiencesworldwide.

In conclusion, Nandu is an artist who has truly made his mark on the music industry. Withhis unique style and unwavering dedication to his craft, he has earned the admiration andrespect of fans and fellow musicians alike, and his star is only set to rise higher in theyears to come


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