Makèz is no stranger to challenging the status quo of what house music can be. The duo is known for contemporarily remixing the ingredients of classic house into future proof compositions.

In an old house flanking one of the canals of Amsterdam is a cozy home studio, with enough floor space for a couple of chairs and a side table. Stretched around the walls are computers, cables, synths, drum machines and vinyl records. It’s in this attic that Makèz, the duo of Kees van ’t Klooster and Jan-Willem Mulder, convene to explore the world of electronic music. The form of art that ties them to one another, as well as the world around them. 

The two met in high-school and instinctively connected. They spoke the same languages of classic disco records, jazz- and hip hop albums and soulful house singles. So, they found themselves crate-digging and swapping 12-inches constantly. It was only a matter of time before they wound up jamming together. It was then, that they learned their modes of self-expression are preternaturally harmonious. Kees finds his voice in sound design and has a keen feel for programming and arranging. Jan-Willem on the other hand, expresses himself through keyboard melodies, warm chords and wobbly basslines. They started recording their ideas on tape, and became music technology graduates.

While exploring the versatility of the electronic music scene, Makèz demos drew the attention of hometown heroes Dam Swindle and landed on their label Heist in 2019. Their first EP ‘Different Planets’ gained major support from artists like Seth Troxler, Danny Krivit and Chez Damier. Not much later, a pair of club orientated EP’s on NYC’s Let’s Play House Records appeared.

The blueprint of a Makèz piece is distinct and obvious, even if the words for it are elusive and shifting. Everything they produce is deeply soulful, informed by R&B, future jazz and deep house. The duo took time to further innovate their sound with insights they gained from their DJ gigs. Furthermore, their energetic and interactive style of playing records, plus their complementary studio flow, organically led to their first live-set.

Their debut album, a Heist production, is called ‘City of All’. Join the two for a vibrant voyage, fusing the sounds of places that shaped their musical vision. Borderless in a way this modern world often seems to be afraid of. As they say, love will save the day, and Makèz is here to dance with you along that joyful journey.


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