"On Tuesdays, I set my alarm for 3:30 am. I would get up and go to a club in the south of France where DJs had agreed to teach me how to mix... I was 17 years old."After being steeped in English rock and pop, young Valentin Brunel, aka Kungs, was hit by the energy of the Bloody Beetroots and launched himself into electronic music. He quickly accumulated listens on social networks, but he felt a void: he wanted to confront the reality of the dancefloor.

Thanks to DJs from Aix-en-Provence, young Kungs made his first sets in front of sparse and exhausted crowds. He learned a lesson that he would never forget. A DJ has only one goal: to make people dance. Each of his projects will now be designed according to this philosophy.ÇHis first single, "This Girl" (2016), is the perfect illustration. Number 1 in dozens of countries, 14 times diamond record, seventh most Shazamed track in history... From the beginning, Kungs took on an international dimension.His first album, LAYERS, followed suit. He took it to Coachella and it earned him a Victoire de la Musique and an NMA. Kungs was just 20 years old.In the years that followed, the DJ made hundreds of thousands of people dance at the world's biggest festivals, while stacking demos for his second project.In early 2020, the pandemic put a brutal stop to this dynamic. Clubs closed, festivals were cancelled, and the very notion of "party" seemed obsolete. Kungs thought the opposite, that it had never been more necessary.Confined in Paris, the DJ launched CLUB AZUR sessions with Victor Flash and Upsilone. For twelve Saturdays, the collective mixed live on Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook, in front of thousands of people. These live shows acted as a revelation; Kungs started from scratch on the creation of his second album, which he logically named CLUB AZUR.The idea? To imagine the music that would make these people dance, whatever their era and universe. To imagine his future hits, the producer composed while watching archive videos of Soultrain and vintage clips without sound. In May 2021, the single "Never Going Home" offered a first glimpse of this new direction. The official anthem of post-lockdown, the song confirmed Kungs' international stature: it exploded the charts in a dozen countries and earned three certifications (Diamond in France, Double Platinum in Italy, Platinum in Poland). Spring 2022. Kungs finally presents his second album, the result of a year and a half of work. CLUB AZUR is a love letter to clubbing and the soundtrack of a dreamy evening. "The only condition for entering CLUB AZUR? To be open to difference." On his dancefloor, boundaries, eras, and genres collide: house music, italo-disco ("Quanto Tempo" and the unstoppable "Clap Your Hands"), and even electro legends like Martin Solveig ("Never Going Home" and "Lipstick") or Boys Noize, who mixed and refined the album's production in Berlin. As the night wears on, sweaty embraces (the very techno "Fashion") give way to lighter mornings - "Lullaby" evokes a return from the club with someone, while "Paris" is an ode to the sunrise over the capital... while waiting for the next party.

In spring 2023, KUNGS returns with a surprise collaboration following the success of the album "Club Azur" last year. This time, he teams up with Purple Disco Machine to present their new disco-inspired track with 80s influences. The two artists worked together in Purple Disco Machine's studio in Dresden to fine-tune this piece, and the result is an authentic hit that is perfect for welcoming the sun.

KUNGS and Purple Disco Machine prove to be the perfect pair to embody the party with "Substitution," a track destined to become a staple of dance floors. This song is full of excitement and pure energy for music, club, and dance fans. With "Substitution," KUNGS and Purple Disco Machine have created an amazing and thrilling collaboration that is sure to please fans of disco and dance music.

In late May 2023, Kungs launches his label "Club Azur" with Upsilone, Victor Flash, and Saverio as the first artists. A grand event called "Versailles Electro" is organized for the occasion at the Palace of Versailles. With a sold-out crowd, over 18,000 people came to celebrate the emergence of the French Touch during an unforgettable event.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate the release of Kungs' new track, "Shadows," this time in collaboration with DJ Carlita. The track immediately enjoys great success upon its launch, receiving extensive coverage on all streaming platforms. With a more club-oriented sound than its predecessor, this track is poised to become the anthem of the summer, making crowds dance from the Mediterranean beaches to the clubs of Ibiza.

Continuing this trend, Kungs' latest release "All Night Long" with David Guetta is a testament to his growth and versatility as an artist. This collaboration with Guetta, a titan in the electronic music world, marries Kungs' vibrant energy with Guetta's renowned production skills. "All Night Long" brings a dynamic and addictive beat that's bound to rule the dance floors and airwaves, perfectly aligning with the euphoric nights and the celebratory spirit of the club scene. The track serves not just as a piece of music but as an experience, one that embodies the joy and freedom of dancing through the night. With this release, Kungs continues to honor his goal of uniting people through music, proving that the rhythm and the night are infinite companions in the world of dance.

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