Ahmed Spins

From global soundscapes to uplifting grooves, energetic beats, dreamy tunes and captivating rhythms, Ahmed Spins is the epitome of what it means to be a multifaceted sonic storyteller. In his early days, he took inspiration from the likes of Flume and Rampa, thus finding a passion for creating Afro House and Deep House—two genres he fuses in his productions to this day. However, his ever-evolving sound doesn’t stop there, as he also creates House, Disco and Organic music.

The chameleonic artist’s production prowess has gained global recognition from some of the top talents in music today. In addition, he has played alongside and supported esteemed artists, such as Black Coffee, Fisher, Peggy You, Rampa and Dennis Cruz. He has even landed in the crates of impressive imprints, including MoBlack Records, where he signed his Anchor Point EP, which has amassed over 50 million streams. When Ahmed Spins isn’t behind the decks, he can be found running Deep House Bible, a community-driven platform that serves the mission of amplifying the sounds of burgeoning acts from emerging countries and providing tools to help them succeed. The brand’s events have  taken place in some of the world’s hottest party destinations, such as Costa Rica, New York  City, St. Tropez, Paris, Egypt and Portugal.

With the ethos “everyone deserves to dance,” Ahmed Spins is making a powerful impact on global dance music while also holding the title of being among the most exciting artists in the scene currently.

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