Bora Uzer

Bora Uzer has found musical and spiritual freedom in electronic music. Most of his life has been spent creating sound, manipulating frequencies and mastering everything from guitar to his own voice. Now he is doing so in a new musical world. He is taking his off-the-cuff, improvised and fully reactive live show to crowds of real music lovers around the planet and he's having the time of his life.

Each time Bora plays, he draws on the vast library of sound within him to conjure up something new. Thanks to his education at the Rotterdam Conservatoire of Music, he is a skilled musician who can speak with, respond to, and provoke real emotion in his crowds with whatever instrument is to hand. Ultimately, even Bora doesn't know where the music will go once he's on stage.  

He is an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve and it shows in his music, which is both captivating and honest. This latest chapter started as small, low-key and intimate gigs during a time visiting Tulum but soon word got out, the crowds began to grow and one night the influential Solomun was in attendance. He was so impressed, Bora released an EP on Diynamic and has since remixed on the UK label Renaissance and contributed to a compilation on Sol Selectas, with much more to come. 

The people behind the respected Ibiza party Woomoon were also moved by the new live show. They took Bora to the White Isle in the summer of 2022 and saw him interact with the crowd, record what they say into his mic and incorporate it into his seductive, soulful, melody-rich and vocal-laced sounds. Word spread quickly and he went on to wow crowds across the US on tour with the renowned Rufus Du Sol, perform at Denver’s Red Rocks, Ibiza's Blue Marlin and Scorpios of Mykonos.

 It all started with a looper - a simple machine the now Miami-based Turk found himself playing with in his home studio. Every day he synced it up with his machines and was able to translate exactly what flowed from his heart. The process opened up a whole new world of possibility that hadn't been there before despite 20+ years of releasing albums, being signed to EMI, working with the likes of Wyclef Jean and playing sold-out shows around the world.

Each time he turned on his gear, thrilling new sounds emerged. He mixed warm dance floor beats with real melody and heartfelt lyrics with elements of the funk and soul that have always been inside. He no longer sounded like himself because electronic music, like jazz, was a new world of endless expression. He could go anywhere and everywhere. He layered up riffs and chords, dropped in samples, remixed on-the-fly, and felt empowered to create on a whole new level. 

To put Bora's sound in a box is impossible. That is exactly what he is rallying against as an artist. There is no template. Everything starts from scratch. All that you can be sure of are warm, engaging low ends, signature staccato guitar, and seductive vocal tones. The rest is a response to the magic of the crowd.