Solomun At The Port 25.09.19 - Pacha Ibiza Pure Pacha Martin Solveig

Pacha events go beyond all our venues.  Our passion is to bring entertainment all across the world, so we take The Cherries on tour frequently to exotic destinations, cosmopolitan cities and other trendy locations. But what we love the most is to express our gratitude for this Island in the form of a party. So together with Solomun we celebrate our genuine relationship with Ibiza  offering a free annual event at the old Port of Ibiza that started in 2014. For 3 days, 25 people work to set up the stage at the port.  This rendezvous has become a tradition where everyone is invited. See you all on September 25th from 20h till midnight to enjoy the King of Sundays performance for free in the most authentic Ibiza scene!  

The Ibiza litter service and us will do our best to clean afterwards, we kindly ask to please help us and try to avoid leaving trash at the port – So it can be clean again faster. We will also be giving away Bamboo cups for free – so that you can use it to refill at the bars. At the end and during the event, we will work on cleaning everything properly with a cleaning company.