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We had a chat with one of our favourites, Martin Solveig. He has a long-time love affair and respect for the island and the most genuine relationship with The CherriesCheck it out!

When and how did your relationship with Ibiza begin? 
It started around 2004. Back then, I was signed to Defected and I was playing at El Divino and Pacha for a few years… It all started fifteen years ago.  

How about your relationship with the Two Cherries?
The first club I entered when I first came to the island was Pacha and it’s been a cherry love story for fifteen years!  

What does it mean to you being PURE?
In my opinion, PURE is the essence without unnecessary artifice or accessoriesThis word has actually inspired my whole approche to playing on Saturday nights at Pacha, which it is the epitome of a club experience in Ibiza.  

What is your source of such good energy?
To be honestmy lifestyle is a bit healthier than when I was 20 years old. I think nutrition and playing a bit of tennis is the essence of my good energy

How would you define Ibiza’s landscape? How important do you think the conservation of nature in the island is?
I would say that Ibiza offers really contrasting landscapes and tons of diversity with its tropical, heavenly creeks around Atlantis, Es Vedra…Ibiza can be peaceful and wild depending on why you’re here. Today the environmental concern is everywhere, so the conservation of nature in the island is obviously very important. It has to be an ongoing debate, particularly when it comes to water management.  

Any piece of advice in regards of environmental issues for people who come to enjoy this beautiful island?
Opting for native plants in your garden as they require less water. Concerning the noise pollutionthe current regulations are a bit too restrictive The party is the soul of Ibiza. However, I can totally understand than the music and the sounds can be bothersomeBut Ibiza made its reputation with certain values between hippy vibes and party!

What do you do for the planet at a personal level? Any tips?
I started two years ago to drastically limit my consumption of meat and slow down the fish consumption as well, because animal proteins generate significantly more carbon footprint compared to other foods. I buy as much as local and seasonal products as possible. I’m  also doing my best to reduce plastic. However, my job requires me to travel a lot by planewhich is a mode of transportation that creates major pollution. We are trying to remove as much as we can all the transportations by plane or jet and find other alternatives less polluting.  In the future this might mean working differently, being less traveling, doing less shows… That is something I am considering.