PACHA NEVER SLEEPS - Pacha Ibiza Pure Pacha Martin Solveig

There is something quite wondrous about large events. Whether you purchase your ticket and join the party or if you are actively involved with its production… with great events, it feels like it just happened as if by magic. But loads of previous hard work and tons of hours are spent crafting each one. 

Pacha Group is all about entertainment… offering splendid holidays, extraordinary moments and nights of extravaganza that suddenly and fortunately sometimes seem spontaneous. In actuality, everything began right when the previous season ended last October: overall analysis, brainstorming, ideation for the following season, contracts, refurbishments, reinventions and rehearsals. A team of approximately one thousand employees formulate some of our best summer dreams. Project managers lawyers, illustrators, IT managers, accountants, set designers and artists. All are equal contributors that factor into the continued success of this company.    


Pacha Ibiza hosts 7 different parties a week, each of them with a decorative theme of its own. Every morning before the nightclub closes, a team of around 30 people begins their shift, including maintenance staff, cleaning service, seamstresses, audiovisual engineers and even a painter that keeps our ibicenco house impeccably white, plus many other characters that make the club looking fresh, spotless, and ready to live the real Pacha Ibiza experience again the following evening.  

The back of house team work just as vigorously as the team “in front of the curtains”. When the night begins and the club doors open: maîtres, waiters, runners, hostesses, security guards, artists and dancers. Around 250 employees manage everything to create the most memorable nights hosted by the most talented DJs in the industry.  


Pacha events go beyond all our venues.  Our passion is to bring entertainment all across the world, so we take The Cherries on tour frequently to exotic destinations, cosmopolitan cities and other trendy locations such as Brazil, South Africa, Israel or India to name just a few.  

But what we love the most is to express our gratitude for this Island in the form of a party. So together with Solomun we celebrate our genuine relationship with Ibiza  offering a free annual event at the old Port of Ibiza that started in 2014. For 3 days, 25 people work to set up the stage at the port.  This rendezvous has become a tradition where everyone is invited. See you all on September 25th from 20h till midnight to enjoy the King of Sundays performance for free in the most authentic Ibiza scene!