Welcome on board, Toy Room! | Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Group takes over Toy Room 

Frank, the famous teddy bear from Toy Room has a new home.
As part of our expansion plans, we have acquired a majority stake in the renowned nightclub group brand Toy Room. 

Toy Room, which launched in London’s Mayfair 7 years ago, has established itself as one of the West End’s most exclusive nights for the arts, fashion and celebrities. Since its inception, the brand has gone global, launching nights and venues in London, Dubai, Mykonos, Athens, Rome, Delhi and Sao Paulo as well as having a residency at Lío Ibiza back in 2019 called Playground by Toy Room.

Toy Room has quickly built a reputation as a glamorous brand that offers an unparalleled and diverse boutique nightlife experience. As our CEO Nick McCabe rightly says: “Toy Room sets the bar in terms of A-list nightlife and whilst it is a different proposition to Pacha, there are clear synergies and both brands have a strong identity. This strategic partnership allows us to explore new markets and audiences, as well as support Toy Room as it continues to grow globally. After a challenging year for nightlife, we are excited to see where this takes us.”

As part of the acquisition, Toy Room’s founder Jordan Rocca will work closely with the Pacha team, using his network and extensive experience in the industry to spur on Pacha’s growth, acting as a partner
 for the brand.