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Ibiza is that place where all summer fashion, musical and gastronomic trends are revealed. The most daring outfits, first-rate DJs and artists and avant-garde cuisine converge. But the classics remain and are timeless. There are places and plans that never go out of style and are always crowded with locals and island regulars. Let’s visit the most iconic one!

One of the club’s second rooms. It offers an alternative experience with a more mainstream & accessible sound of dance music, a perfect haven for regulars. Strategically located with easy access from the main entrance.


Mondays: Sergio Vicedo (commercial music)
Tuesdays: La Chapa presents Chachi (urban music)
Wednesdays: Pandora (house music roots, balearic sounds)
Thursdays: Cassy’s Playhouse (house music)
Saturdays: The Fatty Part of Milk by Mucho Muchacho (hip hop and R&B)