Mr. Monopoly is finally here. He arrived in the island just today to promote his last production: Monopoli Pacha Edition. Yes! Get one and you will be able to rent your suite and throw a crazy party at Destino Pacha Resort from your home, be the DJ, get your own venue or design your own Ibiza holiday… of course, leave the rest of the players bankrupt and win!!

Now, how to get your own Monopoly Pacha Edition board game?!  – You’ve got 3 options:

1. Follow us on Instagram @pachaofficial and during the following weeks we will be revealing the Pacha Shop in the island where Mr. Monopoly will be handing out special discounts to Monopoly Pacha Shop customers buyers who have spent more than 50 euros at the shop: 4 lucky buyers each day will get their Monopoly Board game for free!

2. Enter the draw of 10 board game packs on our Instagram profile: @pachaofficial. (From August 2nd through the 16th)

3. Just enter the following link to buy and get your own Monopoly Pacha Edition delivered to you asap: CLICK HERE!