HONEY DIJON AT DIXON’S TRANSMODERNA - Pacha Ibiza Calvin Harris in Pacha Ibiza !

One of Pacha Ibiza’s new parties is Transmoderna – where Dixon and his guests allow themselves to create a new club atmosphere through uniqueness and refined new sounds. Honey Dijon will be one of Dixon’s guest artists this September. Strongly committed to creativity, she has just started engaging into fashion as she is into music. Let’s catch a glance of her own perspective…  

Could you define your music style?  
Progressive Soul.

How about your fashion taste?  

Fashion trends and music culture go hand in hand. Ho do you think the music you like to play influences the way you look?
The music I play is deeply inspired by the black queer experience of the Chicago underground. Clothing was used as a form of selfexpression, not status.  Selfexpression is way more exciting to me than bourgeois forms of dress.

You always refer to this Frankie Knuckles quote: “Once you become more important than the music, then you’re finished”. Do you think nowadays DJs are receiving much more attention than their music itself? 
Yes, due to social media. In my opinion it seems more important for many about how the party looks on IG than the actual music.

When will we be able to see what Honey Fucking Dijon has to do with Comme des Garçons? 
Very soon. October is the expected launch. Things can change though, it is fashion after all.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? 
To eradicate fear.

About Ibiza…
Favorite Beach 
I never make it to the beach. Shame really. 

Favourite Drinks or cocktails 
Dom Perignon Rose

Do you prefer to party daytime or by night? 
I’m a vampire.  Night lighting makes everybody sexy.

Best photo you have in Ibiza.  
It’s not for public consumption.

Where was it taken? 
Between the sheets.

The key to success 
Hard work, perseverance , and humility. 

Ibiza essentials (Fashion wise)  

Favourite item of clothing

Going shopping in Ibiza ever..? 
Always, with my lover’s credit card.