DIXON's Perspective - Pacha Ibiza Calvin Harris in Pacha Ibiza !

One of Pacha Ibiza’s new parties this season is Transmoderna – where Dixon and his guests allow themselves to create a new club atmosphere through uniqueness and refined new sounds.

How would you define the Ibicenco lifestyle?
Waking up late, looking for great ingredients for food, hiding from Medusas, meeting friends from all over the world, relaxing to be able to party hard and finding the right  balance to have holidays in heaven, not hell.

How do you combine leisure and work during the summer?
Badly. To find that balance when you’re doing a residency for the first time is nearly impossible.

Favorite outfit for the island?
Safety green Transmoderna t-shirt, neon orange short trousers and some fancy sneakers. Two pieces of that outfit beside me on a boat…

3 things you could not go without in Ibiza?
I am German – so first of all, sun cream. Then my phone. And my swimming trunks.

Any other recommendations on the island?
The jewelry shop at St. Gertrudis. But you should discover it on your own…

Which is your favorite beach and why?
I haven’t found it yet. My wife is from Croatia - so I am very spoilt. But give me four more weeks and I will have it. And then keep it to myself…

Your day drink? Night drink?
Water by day, Tequila by night.

Which is your favorite photo in Ibiza? Why do you like it that much and where was it taken?
My son doing his first head-first dive from a boat into the open sea. It was taken on our way to Formentera.

Which do you think is the key to success?
When adapting your vision to reality, stay true to the essence of it so you never lose your soul.