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What does Ibiza mean to you?
Ibiza is a multifaceted, picturesque paradise, where inspiration is aplenty and where souls come to intertwine. The deep relationship that the island has with the youth and music has made it one of the most sensational places on our planet.

Where do you find inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the energy of the planet, the movement of the tides and the gentle whispers of the trees. I draw on life’s understated moments, as a continual source of inspiration.

Tell us about your first gig in the island
My first ever gig in Ibiza was something that I will never forget, it must have been in the 70s. Kilometers away from the giant clubs and flashing lights, in a beautiful garden of a gentle soul. It was then that I knew that I wanted to create something much larger for myself in Ibiza…

Day or night-time parties?
Both – there is something mystical that happens when the long night draws into the early day. For a moment, our senses are in limbo and time stands still, while the rhythm continues.

Best photo you have in Ibiza. Where was it taken?
One that was taken when I explored the old castle for the first time. There is something so magical and fascinating about old castles, I just had to go see it. It felt like home.

The key to success…?!
In my opinion, it is to simply never give up, and to continue through life with you eye on your personal prize. Dreams manifest themselves through a focused mind.